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on Humanities and Social Sciences

Our Policy

超スマート社会 Hyper Smart Society



  In modern society, information about people, things, and matters are being digitalized in various scene of society, and “the big data” which is the accumulation of those data is being analyzed and utilized. Because of this “big data”, new economic and social value is being created, but on the other hand, there is a widespread concern that the abuse of the data will induce harmful effect on society.

  Therefore, to make “hyper smart society” which is a fusion of cyber space and meat space become a reality, we are investigating how the data should be protected and utilized, how the platform for collecting and distributing data should be and about its responsibility, and how we should adjust the level of the rule between cyber space and meat space, by analyzing and utilizing “the big data”.

持続可能な開発目標 (SDGs) と循環経済 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Circular Economy



  To accomplish the sustainable development goals (SDGs), it is essential to extricate the inefficient, one-way, “pick, make, and trash” economic system which human have been doing, and convert it into an economic system which set the goal to raise resource utilization rate.

 Therefore, we are proposing a policy to accomplish SDGs by improving the resource utilization efficiency from a recycling-based society standpoint, and also by analyzing new economic activities like “Sharing economy” and “increasing service of products”.

アジアに開かれた九州 Kyushu open to Asia



  As being interdisciplinary, cross-cultural field laboratory of Kyushu University, we are practicing the researches that meet the topographical and cultural characteristics of Kyushu which have been opened to Asia consistently from the past until modern times.

  By verifying and reconfirming about history and culture of various relationship that have aroused between Asia and Kyushu, we are searching for effective viewpoint to solve modern societies problem and bridging to our near future and wisdom to cohabitate, and also linking it with issues about Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies is raising.

人社系学問の形成史 The history of the formation of Humanities and Social Sciences



  Humanities and Social Sciences, generally speaking about since the modern period, have the history of being based on western education system and reorganizing the studies. By reconsidering about the history of the formation of these education, we promote the development of education, support bonding the entire education system, and also reveal about specific way which we assume of thinking and system in modern times, which we, living in modern world too are unconscious of.

  Furthermore, by learning how the Humanities and Social Sciences was formed and by discussing about the relative of the modern time’s specific way of thinking and system, we flexibly and abundantly share cross-disciplinary way of thinking that bond to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural field fusion that is required today.